Human Trafficking

ยท         Human trafficking is inherently linked to modern slavery and involves the forced movement and exploitation of any type of person against their will. Tactics used in human trafficking usually involve violence, threats of violence towards a person or their loved ones, or emotional blackmail. The reasons for trafficking are numerous, but they include forced prostitution, forced labour, forced begging/panhandling, forced criminal activity, domestic servitude and forced marriage.

When trying to identify those who may have been trafficked and exploited, there are a few key details to keep an eye out for:

o   Looking malnourished and underfed

o   Being quiet, withdrawn, or unwilling to interact

o   Being under the control or influence of other people

o   Living in cramped, dirty, unsanitary, or overcrowded housing

o   No access to personal identification, like passports or documents

o   Forged identification documents

o   Appearing scared and untrusting

o   Avoiding eye contact

o   Showing signs of abuse or having health conditions, including old/untreated injuries

o   Inconsistent or vague explanations for injuries

o   Lacking clean or suitable clothing

o   Lacking personal possessions

o   Fear of authorities

o   Fear of consequences towards their family or loved ones

o   Dependent on others.

Source: https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/adult-pocket-guide.pdf