Basic COVID-19 Safety (including PPE Guidance)

Learn the best ways to protect yourself and others during the coronavirus outbreak. Prevent the spread of the virus through social distancing and testing, and understand how to safely operate in a care home or setting.


This course is CPD accredited #1007453 and is worth 3 CPD Credits.

The course will delve into the roles of care workers and voluntary carers in reducing the spread of the virus and shielding themselves and their patients effectively. It will end with a short multiple-choice test to assess your understanding of the material covered.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Learning Objectives
  • How the Virus Spreads
  • Symptoms of COVID-19
  • Vulnerability & Risk Groups
  • Self-Isolating
  • Testing for Coronavirus
  • Preventing the Spread:
    • Cleaning & Disinfecting
    • Hand Washing
    • Social Distancing
    • Face Coverings
  • COVID-19 in Care Settings:
    • General Precautions for Care Settings
    • PPE – What it is and when to wear it
    • Reporting an Outbreak
    • Arranging Visitors
  • Test and Trace
  • Lockdowns & the ‘Tier System’
  • Summary
  • Further Reading
  • End of Course Test.


Learning Outcomes:

    • Explain how coronavirus is spread
    • Identify the main symptoms of COVID-19
    • Understand social distancing guidance
    • Know who is at more risk of the virus by identifying clinical risk groups
    • Understand infection prevention and general hygiene procedures within a care environment to minimise the risk of transmission
    • Explain the types of Personal Protective Equipment you will most likely need and how it works
    • Identify who has access to free NHS coronavirus tests
    • Understand the local lockdown rules and ‘Tier System.’


Disclaimer: This course should not be used to measure competency in COVID-19 protocols in healthcare environments. The course should provide a more general overview of helping prevent the spread of COVID-19, and basic guidance on shielding patients, outbreaks, and wearing PPE.

You can view this course on The CPD Group website by clicking this link.

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